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What sets SACS apart from other Christian schools in OKC?

At SACS, we believe academic excellence and a nurturing, creative environment go hand in hand. With Christ as our focus, our students will not only learn about God's love for them, but will be shown God's love through teachers and peers.  We offer small class sizes, quality teachers, and teacher assistants in every classroom.

Do all faculty and staff undergo a background check?

Yes. All faculty and staff undergo a background screening; as well as substitutes and volunteers who will be working closely with students.

Are all SACS teachers certified?

It is our intention to have a teacher certified in the state of Oklahoma in each classroom.  However, sometimes there are special circumstances where we make an exception.  Every classroom has qualified teachers who are prepared and equipped to teach our students.

What does parent involvement look like?

Parents are a vital part of our school. Parents are encouraged in partnership with our teachers; as the home is as critical to a child's education as the classroom. SACS parents are highly involved in classroom projects, parties and events.

Is church a requirement?

As a community-focused ministry of St. Andrew's Community Church, we welcome parents and students who desire a Christian education. Church attendance is not required but always welcome.

Is there an option for students to order hot lunch?

Students will have the opportunity to order hot lunches from MACU on designated days.

What is the highest grade you offer?

We currently offer classes up to 6th grade.

Is there tuition assistance?

A scholarship fund has been created by St. Andrew's Community Church members for those who qualify. Please contact SACS Director, Heather Ward, for more details.

How can I help the school reach its goals in growth?

Number one is prayer. We have seen God open many doors through the power of prayer and is continuing to do so.

St. Andrew's Christian School
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